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Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 7 46100, Mantova Mantua

Practical information


If you are looking for a relaxing weekend in Mantova without any headache about your car, Mazzini Parking is what you need:

  • COMFORTABLE: It is easily reachable; there’s no need to go through the ZTL (Limited Traffic Area) to enter it

  • CONVENIENT: The car park is located at walking distance from the City Center

  • SAFE: Our people are at your disposal anytime you need; several cameras are placed in the building to control the parking lots; after 22:30 all the accesses are locked and only the customers can access and leave the park

  • WIDE: Wide parking lots allow you to get in and out of your car without any effort

  • 24/7 SERVICE: Our park is always available for you

  • SELF SERVICE: Automatic cashes accept both electronic and cash payment




 If you are looking for a subscription or other services, please refer to our people in the car park’s offices; they will be happy to provide you all the information needed 


2016 Capital City of Culture, Mantova is one of the most romantic towns in the World according to Aldous Huxley. It is the ideal destination for those who want to have a relaxing weekend far from the chaotic big cities.

The origin of Mantova is probably Etruscan; in 70 a.C. the famous poet Virgilius was born in the City, while in the X Century it became the kingdom of the Canossa dynasty. In XII Century the City became a modern democracy and thanks to very advanced hydraulic technologies the citizens reclaimed all the swamps in the area of Mincio river. With the dinasty of Gonzaga the City became one of the most magnificent cultural centres in Italy.

The artistic heritage of those years is still well conserved and presented:

  • CATTEDRALE DI SAN PIETRO (DUOMO), 11 minuti on foot, placed in the central Sordello square and next to Palazzo Ducale, it is the main church of the City

  • PALAZZO DUCALE12 min on footalso known as “Reggia dei Gonzaga”, one of the most important monuments of the City

  • PALAZZO TE13 min on foot

  • BASILICA DI SANT'ANDREA, 6 min on foot, is the biggest church in Mantova

  • ROTONDA DI SAN LORENZO, 5 min on foot, is the most ancient church of the City, dated back to the end of XI Century

  • PALAZZO DELLA RAGIONE, TORRE DELL'OROLOGIO E MUSEO DELL'OPERA, 5 min on foot, Placed in Piazza delle Erbe, they are a prestigious branch of the Mantova’s museums, used to host important art exhibitions.

  • BASILICA PALATINA DI SANTA BARBARA12 min on foot, it was the church of the noblemen exclusive to palazzo ducale di Mantova;

  • TEATRO SCIENTIFICO BIBIENA, 9 minuti on foot, is a late baroque masterpiece, now used to host concerts, musical events and high-tier meetings

  • MUSEO DIOCESANO FRANCESCO GONZAGA, 5 min on foot, hosts a wide art collection made of very different pieces coming from different areas and periods

Short Term Parking


Every hour or part:                                                € 2,00

Daily tariff:                                                           € 13,00


Subscriptions and cards


Monthly 24/7:                                                 € 160,00

Monthly Mon - Fri 24h:                                   € 130,00

Monthly Mon - Fri 7.30 - 20.00:                      € 110,00

Monthly Mon - Fri 8.00 - 18.00:                        € 90,00

Night Monthly Mon - Fri 18:00 – 09:00:              €70,00

Night Monthly Mon - Fri 19:00 – 09:00:              €60,00


Prepaid Card 100h:                                          € 140,00

Prepaid Card 50h:                                               € 75,00



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