The Interparking site uses cookies to make sure that our site is as user friendly as possible and to measure the site traffic.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a data file which is placed on your hard disk by the website when you visit our website and stores certain information during a certain period. This file enables e.g. storing your preferences when you visit our site to facilitate your navigation during your visit. Cookies also measure the activity on the site with reference to reporting marketing.


What information is stored?

The Interparking site uses different sorts of cookies which are listed in the table below, together with the information type gathered and the time during which this information is kept.


File name


Expire date



Google Analytics file allowing to measure the traffic

30 days

Tierce (google)







What do I have to do when I don't want to use cookies?

The law is empowering you to refuse the use of cookies without your explicit consent. You have at all times the possibility to refuse the site placing a cookie on your computer or telephone by changing the parameters of your web navigation.


Interparking uses no cookies which enable the identification of personal information. However, when you want to limit or block the cookies which are originating from Interparking, you can do this via your internet navigation. Go to "Internet options" and click on "Privacy".
The professional association IAB which comprises professionals (advertisers, agencies and media) within the digital marketing, has set up the site which informs you on the use of cookies and their deactivation.