The  owner of the data protection is Interparking Italia S.r.l. in its person of legal representative.


Personal data shall be processed by the individuals  in charge of data protection, including outsourcers, and by those entitled to manage data protection services.



The WEB site shall include informational and interactive contents. During the web surfing, it may therefore possible to achieve information concerning the Client or the User in the following ways:



Surfing Data

The information systems and software procedures which allow the functioning of the present web site acquire, in the course of their operational period, some personal data whose transmission is understood in the use of the Internet communication records.


Although such personal data shall not be collected for specific interests, the data itself could possibly lead to the users’ identification throughout the elaboration and association with information collected by third parties.


Such a typology of data shall include the IP addresses, browser type, operation system, domain name and web site addresses visited, information about the website pages hit by the users, access hours, time spent on the single page hit, internal path analysis  and further parameters relevant to the information system and its environment.


All technical data and data relevant to the information system shall be collected jointly and anonymously in order to:


  1. Improve service quality and optimize the web site functionality;
  2. Understand the user’s behavior in order to enhance online communication;
  3. Supply the user with statistical information concerning the use of the web site.



Geographical Location Data

Prior to a preliminary approval of the user, the WEB site may process location data – not continuously – for the supplying of services requested by the user.



Data supplied voluntarily by the Client/User

In this case it is the same Client/User who shall include his/her personal data into the system ( prior to a detailed reading of the informational material) in order to have access to all the services freely chosen online,


“Opt-In” and “Opt-Out” policy: in all cases before activating a specific service, detailed informational material shall be provided and , where necessary, the approval of personal data processing shall be acquired. Such an approval may be revoked at any time, and a further use of the service shall then not be allowed.


Specific informational material shall be progressively shown on the web pages dealing with particular service requests.



Minor’s Personal Data

Interparking Italia Srl shall  not allow the inclusion of personal data by a minor.



Processing Modality


Data processing shall be carried out through automated instruments (electronic procedures and tools) and/or manually (for example paper tools) for all the time needed to achieve the objective for which such data was collected and in compliance with the regulations in force on the subject.





The use of cookies (1) shall not be allowed or the transmission of personal data.


The use of session cookies ( not persistently stored inside the user’s computer and which shall disappear when closing browser) shall be limited to the session identification transmission and shall allow a safe and efficient site surfing.


The session cookies used on this site shall avoid the utilization of further computer technology potentially dangerous for the users’ privacy and shall not allow the acquisition of personal data which could identify the user.


The present shall also use persistent cookies, that is cookies which are stored onto the hard disk until their expiry date or until they are deliberately deleted by the clients/users. The deletion of the cookies shall not prevent the user from accessing all the aforementioned sites and applications .


By means of persistent cookies all users having access to the site (or other users working on the same computer) are automatically recognized at every access.


All users can set the browser enabling the computer  to either accept/refuse all the cookies or to show a notice  each time a cookie is proposed allowing the user to decide whether to accept it or not (2).





A method used as an alternative to the direct analysis of Web servers’ log files.


It consists in collecting and elaborating surfing data by means of a  dedicated Javascript code found inside the html pages of interest.




From the present site it is possible to connect to other websites; when linking to another site the exact time in which the user disconnects from the Interparking Italia Srl site is reported.


For the Client/User it shall be advisable to consider that such third sites are not owned by Interparking Italia Srl and therefore the latter shall not be responsible for them. As a matter of fact, these sites are managed by other companies and / or organizations for which it shall be necessary to verify and possibly accept the concerning privacy protection policy.


Interparking Italia Srl shall not be held liable for any possible request and/or release of personal  information to different sites.



Corporate responsability (CSR)

Interparking CSR

We are proud of Gruppo Interparking (Interparking Group’s) sense of CSR. We acknowledge very well the importance of environmental awareness and what ‘giving something back to society’ means.


We developed a series of initiatives and models to guarantee CSR together with qualitatively high supply of services for our clients in Europe.

Read on to know more on company initiatives related to CSR.


Our environmental policy

Interparking takes its own environmental commitments seriously. Indeed, one of our company’s long-term goals is to achieve 100% zero-emission levels and we are leaders in this sector due to our activities in Belgium.


We regularly contribute to projects that expand environmental awareness and we are effectively meeting the expanding market demand for high energetic efficiency vehicles including the introduction of service stations for electric cars.


Fundamentally, Interparking wants to foster ecological solutions in order to make us all aware of the energy topic.


CSR: a challenge for the future

The prime factor related to our company’s CSR is the will to improve transport policies in Europe. The achievement of this goal really takes up most of our time/work to find long-term, environmentally sustainable transport solutions .


We are dedicated to the diversification of our employees’ tasks and skills as well as keeping our workforce at high levels of global excellence. Actually, we meet our clients’ demands and our sense of responsibility shows accordingly.




At any given period, the individuals referred to in the personal information gathered have the right to: demand proof of the existence or non-existence of this information and to be aware of the contents and origin included, check if it is correct or demand updates and/or changes to be carried out (sector 7 of Legislative Decree D.Lgs nr. 196/03).


To exercise these rights and to forward queries related to problems or clarification of contents aforementioned, please feel free to contact us at: Interparking Italia Srl – Administration Office – Isola Nuova del Tronchetto – 30135, Venice, Italy.





This policy regulates the procedures related to the processing of personal data forwarded to us by clients/visitors when surfing a website. New laws regulating this sector including constant examination and updating of user services may require later variations to these procedures. Therefore, our policy might be affected by these changes in time, so we suggest clients/visitors to consult this page periodically.


1)      Cookies (or markers) are packets of data sent by a web server (e.g. website) to a user’s Internet browser which are in turn automatically stored by the latter in the computer and again automatically sent back to the server at every access to the website itself.

2)      By default, nearly all web browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. However, default configuration can be modified; concerning browsers like Internet Explorer, version 6.0, default is set at medium as well as block cookies permanently, by setting protection level to its highest (VERY HIGH) (ref. “Privacy” in the appropriate part); please be aware that this block will effect use of the service itself. In any case, cookies can also be deleted (eliminated) on your PC by selecting “Internet Options”, selecting Tools and subsequently General thus deleting cookies by clicking on the Delete Cookies button.

Venice 18th January, 2013