Venezia Tronchetto Parking (Venice)

Main entrance address:

Isola Nuova del Tronchetto,33/M, 30135 Venice

Total places3973
Places for disabled33
Places for motorcycles60
Electric charging points16
Maximal height2.1 m

Practical information

Located at the entrance of Venice, the most economic car park of the city, which is very close to the boat stops.


If you want to visit the beautiful Venice or go on cruise, Tronchetto Parking is your most accessible, safest and especially cheapest parking solution in Venice.

  • EASY TO REACH: you can easily reach it avoiding queues and long wait to find a parking lot in Venice.
  • THE CHEAPEST: it’s absolutely the cheapest covered car park in the center of Venice.
  • VERY WELL LOCATED: the car park is located close the boats stop (vaporetto) to reach in few minutes the famous San Marco square and close to People Mover to reach in 2 minutes the harbour of Venice (Stazione Marittima)
  • SAFE: staff present 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and more than 120 installed cameras. It’s not necessary to consign the keys of your car.
  • COMFORTABLE: parking lots very comfortable (14m), 2,80m width to park your car   
  • YOU DON’T NEED TO RESERVE OR PAY IN ADVANCE:  the car parking has about 4.000 spaces: we have always a parking lot for you, and you don’t have to pay in advance!

Tronchetto Parking is the cheapest car park, located in the center of Venice, turning on the right to first traffic light at the end of the Liberty bridge. The car park is very close to the steamboats stop, very comfortable to reach in few minutes the center of Venice and the famous San Marco square. The car park has indoor and outdoor parking lots, for every type of vehicles (cars, minivan, bus, camper vans, these ones only in the outdoor area, not covered). 

People with luggage, that don’t want to go to the cruise terminal by foot (only 5 minutes!), can take the very comfortable People Mover, that in only 2 minutes will bring you to the cruise terminal. 


You can find the Electric Vehicles Charging Area inside the car park by going to floor 0 sector B, in the proximity of the exits. There are 16 Charging Stations available which supply AC up to 22 kW each. For more informations regarding access criteria, tariffs and how to use the Service please visit the website: Electric Vehicles Charging Service


Up to 1 hour: € 4,00

Up to 2 hour: € 9,00

Up to 3 hour: € 16,00

Daily: € 26,00

Every following fraction: € 26,00



Are you leaving for a cruise and you need a car park for some days in Venice? You can get a special discount of 40% if you pay in advance to the manual cashes. The minimum stay required to access the promotion is three days.


For subscriptions, please contast the car park.

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